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Durban, the East coast of South Africa, which welcomes the  Indian Ocean with its windy waves and sandy shores, is located at the mouth of the  Umgeni River. Durban harbour is a natural harbour, which is the busiest port in South Africa. Durban is ethnically diverse with a cultural richness of mixed beliefs and traditions.  Zulus are the largest single ethnic group. It has a large number of people of  British descent  and has the most  Indians  in any city outside  India . The influence of Indians in Durban has been significant as they have enriched the South African life with a variety of cuisine, culture and religion. From 1860, when they entered this city as indentured labour, Indian Ocean has witnessed the suffering, struggle and strength of the Indian community with their intense, inherent sense of culture as celebrating the life with unflinching trust into self and continuous playfulness with the worldly adversities and adaptation. Mahatma Gandhi had commenced his political-legal career in South Africa, experimenting Satyagraha, and civil disobedience  from 1893 – 1914 to improve the quality of living of the Indians and to unite them against injustice of apartheid rule. Almost immediately after South Africa succeeded against apartheid in 1994 and became Independent, democratic country, Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre (Previously known as Indian Cultural Centre), as a part of Consulate General of India, Durban started its activities in 1996. The Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre (SVCC) is administered by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of External Affairs of India, Government of India, which promotes awareness and appreciation of India’s composite cultural heritage abroad.

Main Objectives of ICC, Durban

Promoting Indian Culture and heritage in South Africa

To disseminate culture related information for a better understanding of India.

To foster closer links between India & South Africa through cultural interaction.

The Centre

The Centre invites artists, academics, writers & performers to collaborate with us to showcase their talent & reach out to a wider audience. The Centre places special emphasis on working with local Cultural & Academic organisations promoting Indian culture. It looks at complementing & supplementing the efforts already being made by organisations in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape & Free State to promote Culture. As part of its outreach programme the Indian Cultural Centre in Durban involves the locally trained dance & music students to perform at Indian community events and functions.Local music schools & religious organisations are also encouraged to learn and promote Indian dance forms & music and for this Consulate provides musical instruments to deserving associations.

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