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Dr Anasuya Boligarla

Dr. Anasuya assumed charge as the Director of the Swami Vivekananda Culture Centre in Durban in October 2022. She is a researcher, yoga expert, and a cultural diplomat. She is a BNYS graduate from the University of Health Sciences, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, and a PhD from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

She has several research publications in reputed indexed journals, and her research interests include the physiological applications of yoga & naturopathy and understanding the underlying mechanisms involving autonomic function, cardiovascular, and respiratory physiology.

She is a university gold medalist with more than 22 years of clinical, teaching, and research experience at various institutions in India. Her professional experience also involves research publications, organizing national conferences,  & webinars, besides overviewing  of research projects.

She speaks Telugu, Hindi, and English. She is married and has two sons.

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